National Fibromyalgia & chronic Pain Association
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Living well with extra holiday preparations and activities means planning ahead. Helpful insights and tips on how to thrive and enjoy are shared by experts and people with chronic pain conditions who are seasoned with experience.

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Life-altering, chronic pain is REAL, and better treatments are needed TODAY! 
With the generous support of YOU, our members, NFMCPA provides hope for a better future, empowers action, and improves quality of life for millions of Americans living with life-altering, chronic pain. YOU are the heart of National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association. The impact of your donations and support reaches millions of people each year through NFMCPA information, webinars, national and local advocacy, awareness events and surveys. Together WE make a difference and make chronic pain diseases, like fibromyalgia, visible. Thank you for your valuable support!